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04. Jul 17

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Find a Pharmacy by App

Wow!! Incredible!! We chose the best pharmacy and took the man with us on bike. We never knew it is much easier to find a pharmacy by app. The GPS system on app guided us and we reached the destinatio...

26. May 17

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Find Nearby Movie Theater with Top 4 Qualities

More time before you board on flight and are you on mobile typing “movie theatres nearby me”. AroundMe offers you a best list of theatres based on the quality of seats and service especially for c...

13. Apr 17

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Find out the Best Hospital Near you through Around...

Regardless of the reason you want to enter the hospital, say, for consulting or for a surgery, your main objective is to best care possible. Isn’t it? Utilize the hospital ratings by AroundMe app to...

28. Feb 17

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Reach at Your Destination with ArounMe App

The greatest advantage of the Restaurant Week is that your restaurant gets lots of promotions with just a participation which will truly count your benefits. Ideally the all inclusive buzz that accomp...

21. Feb 17

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The Best 5 “Location-Aware” Apps for Your Andr...

The first credit always goes to Google for bringing location apps for the users. With the contribution by lots of skilled developers and beyond using the conventional method of using GPS to find a loc...

31. Jan 17

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5 ultimate tips to keep in mind while travelling a...

You should not end up in a worry while going alone. So always carry enough cash with you. If you don’t like carrying cash with you, then reach at destination and you can find nearby ATMs or banks us...

13. Jan 17

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Find Local Place by AroundMe

To stand top among the best competitors in the IT industry, the CloudZon Info-connect has recently launched a location-aware app named “AroundMe” with amazing features where the world has never se...

26. Dec 16

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“Around me app” for Android users by CloudZon

Simple to say, AroundMe app is an Android app launched by Cloudzon to find nearby areas like ATMs, restaurants, banks, gas stations etc. From the various categories provided in the app ordered alphabe...


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